Boost your team’s work from home productivity with MantisHub


If you are like a good chunk of the world at the moment, you’re being responsible and staying home as much as possible to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. That means, of course, that many companies have mandated a work from home policy.

Working from home in this day and age is easier than ever, though not so easy on your waistline when the fridge and pantry are just a few steps away :). What’s made this transition so much simpler is the move to the cloud and SaaS systems. So lucky for your average office worker all that infrastructure was in place. In addition, so many of these SaaS systems integrate with each other to allow for a seamless and efficient workflow.

We here at MantisHub are also grateful to be able to help you work remote and stay safe in these times. And here are 5 ways we make the transition easier for you.


1. Hosted Issue tracking means access from anywhere

Like any cloud-hosted solution, you and your whole team, can create, view & update issues from your house, car, backyard… basically anywhere with an internet connection,  using a laptop or your mobile, 24/7.

MantisHub provides reliable and secure services, built on AWS infrastructure throughout the world with A+ rated security policies to protect your data including:

  • SSL encryption for your data on the wire
  • Encryption at rest
  • Regular Software and Server updates and patches
  • Penetration testing
  • Daily Backups
  • Single Sign-on allowing Two-factor Authentication
  • security benefits from latest MantisBT releases


2. Easy migration from MantisBT

If you still have an in-house, MantisBT setup, now would be the time to look at migrating across to a MantisHub hosted solution. There are huge benefits to moving to MantisHub, as well as secure, easy access to your system you can lower your overall total ‘cost of ownership’. Server purchase, build and maintenance is no longer your responsibility, neither is integration with your mail servers/system. You get access to MantisHub exclusive plugins and the biggest plus is access to our expert support team for any of your Mantis questions including customizations to your setup!

Moving to a cloud-based solution also makes it easier to integrate with your other cloud-based services (see below). Much simpler when you aren’t sitting behind a corporate firewall and yet you still have high-grade security.

The transfer is seamless and we can turn this around super quick for you. Provide us with an export of your DB and attachments on Friday and by Monday your team can log in to the new URL, using their same credentials. Read more about it here and reach out to our team to schedule it as soon as this weekend!


3. Single Sign-on integrations

For your convenience and security, MantisHub offers integrations with several providers using federated authentication and single sign-on. If you’re a Microsoft house, just connect MantisHub to your Azure/Office 365 setup to allow automated login and user access control to MantisHub. You can also integrate with a Google or G-Suite setup or if you are using GitHub or Bitbucket you can use SSO with these providers.

So when your team is accessing your data from their living room, porch or home office you can be sure it’s done according to your company security policies implemented in your federated authentication provider.  And if you haven’t already enabled MFA with these providers, we highly recommend that you do.


3. Chat integrations with Slack and Microsoft Teams

Working remote definitely makes communication a little challenging and it can be hard to keep across all that’s going on. With our chat software integrations with either Slack or Teams, you can monitor updates to all MantisHub issues and bugs by streaming these into your chat tool channels. The integrations are easy to set up and help you keep across any activity.

MantisHub also has a number of built-in tools that help with communication and collaboration that if you aren’t already using are well worth a look, including:

  • @mentions‘ allow you to send directed messages to a college within an issue note.
  • Monitoring an issue will keep you updated on all actions and activities for that particular issue.
  • And you can tailor the wide range of email notification options available to make sure the relevant users don’t miss anything pertinent.


4. Software tool integrations & API

As well as SSO and chat integrations, MantisHub offers many other integrations with software tools to make sure you have access to all the resources you need when working from home. And if there is something missing, and you have the know-how, you can always utilize our REST API to integrate with any tool, including your in-built systems. You can find a list of our ever-expanding integrations here, but to list a few:

  • Integrate with test Management tools such as TestLodge & TestRail to allow automatic creation of issues when managing the results of test cases and test runs.
  • Integrating with your cloud-based source control services such as GitHub, Bitbucket, or Gitlab allows linking issues to the related source control changesets (commits).
  • And with our latest integration with Zapier, Microsoft Power Automate / Azure Logic Apps (coming soon), you can interface with and create automated workflows with 2000+ other apps!


5. Helpdesk Plugin for customer support requests

Distribute customer support requests to your remote team using MantisHub Helpdesk plugin. Exclusive to MantisHub, Helpdesk allows your customers and clients to email their issues and queries directly into your MantisHub projects. The email will create a new issue in the correct MantisHub project and your remote team can respond and update your customers all the way through to resolution from within MantisHub.

Couple this great plugin with our Snippets plugin to re-use common customer responses to save time. And you can also use private notes to collaborate with your teammates within the Helpdesk ticket, without your customer seeing these private communications.

So, 5 super helpful ways we can help you #workfromhome in these strange times. Don’t forget our team are all here ready and waiting to help if you have any questions or queries. From our remote team to yours, stay home and stay safe!



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