MantisHub, you auto-complete me

Just a quick note for you all. We’ve pushed out some new releases lately and one little MantisHub exclusive feature is making users very happy. Did you notice it?

Yes, it’s auto-complete! We just made @ mentioning your teammates a little easier. You’ll see now that when you start @mentioning, you’ll get that lovely drop down list that gives our typing fingers a break, with suggestions of users in the system, to complete your mention. So you don’t need to remember how Stuart (Stewart?) or Stephan (Steven) spell their names. (Two minute laugh here). Or that person from Czech Republic who decided to use their really long last name for their username… And what about that new guy who decided to use some obscure nickname you can never remember.

Auto-complete also works when adding MantisHub users to the issue monitoring section. Another handy MantisHub feature to keep people in the loop. Check out our Issue Actions support article for details. If you have ‘show real names’ enabled it will be displayed in the drop down too.

Now you wont get a full list of all system users as suggestions for your mention, that could be a reeeaally long list. Just users that have been involved with the issue your updating as well as users with developer and above access level to the project. And of course this changes as you type first, second letter etc… just like your usual auto-complete.

Auto-complete also helps out with issue IDs. When referencing an issue in MantisHub using the hashtag e.g. #549 this turns into a clickable link to take you to that issue, which is pretty handy. It’s a quick, easy way to reference another issue. But you would also probably be using the relationships section, under which you can define the type of relationship with another issue and it also gives you the status and summary of the issue without having to click the link.


Within the relationship section, as well as when adding notes, auto-complete will suggest some issue IDs for you. Again, not the whole list cause that would be significantly longer than your user list but typically issues that you are linked to or have been looking at recently.


Auto-Complete in MantisHub works pretty much as standard so use the tab key to use the top most suggestion, use your cursor + click or up and down + enter to select from the dropdown and ESC to dismiss it.  

Sometimes it’s the little things that bring joy. This one made my week. Hope you’re enjoying this little plus. Keep an eye on this blog and on twitter for more updates like this. They come round pretty often and are easy to miss but can be just the shortcut you’re looking for! Follow @mantishub on twitter.

2 thoughts on “MantisHub, you auto-complete me”

  1. Hi
    We use an instance of MantisBT on our server.
    Would it be possible to get this plugin on our server? if yes, what would be the conditions?

    Thanks in advance

    Best regards


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