MantisHub – Improvements to Attachments


The team at MantisHub are wishing you all stay safe in this troubled COVID-19 riddled time. And like you, we’re carrying on as best we can. There are still issues to resolve and bugs to fix and we’re here to help.

The MantisHub team have not been idle and the latest release includes some noteworthy changes, in particular in the area of attachments. Here are two additions, that we’re pretty sure you’ll be excited about.


1. Support for Private attachments

Previously private attachments were not supported and you could only add attachments to public notes within MantisHub. Users had to upload files to an accessible repository (dropbox, google drive etc) and include a link to the file instead. Workable, but not particularly efficient. Well, now our engineers have put in some work to make private attachments supported! When adding private notes, you’ll now see the attachment section. So, feel free to privately attach to your heart’s content! This also means when transitioning a note from public to private, you no longer have to remove any file attachments, these will automatically change to private as well.


These changes were largely made possible as the Mantis code now treats notes and their attachments as linked entities, whereas previously they were separate entities.  So apart from allowing support for private attachments, you may notice a few other advantages, for example, when deleting a note, it will delete all associated attachments.

2. Video & Audio in-line playback

We really love the fact you can preview any of your image attachments in MantisHub. No extra clicks or downloads and information at a glance. Well, now you can easily access any video and audio content as well. All your video and audio files can be played in-line from within MantisHub! So no need to download them to view or listen to the files anymore. It’s all there for you at your fingertips. You do still need to be aware of your maximum upload limits (2M default) as well as the maximum preview file size, but these thresholds are adjustable. See our attachments article for details.



Be sure to follow @mantishub on twitter for information on other updates and improvements from the latest release. And please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at any time. We’re here for you and ready to help with any questions about the new features, the new release or anything at all related to your MantisHub service.

Take care and stay safe!


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