MantisHub + Bugsee integration for Crash Reporting and In-App Feedback


When recording software bugs in your MantisHub bug tracker, there are several features you can make use of to assist developers in deciphering and reproducing the issue so they can get down to fixing it. You can:

All super useful tools! In some situations though, such as system crashes or intermittent behaviours picked-up by your users, it can be difficult to gather all the necessary information. What if you could also capture exactly what happened at the time of the bug? Freeze frame that moment and share it with the developer? Kinda think that would make things a little easier?

Well, that’s exactly what Bugsee does! By inserting just one line of code into your Mobile or Web App, you can capture a bunch of relevant system information and store it for review by the right people.

When a crash or bug occurs in your app, Bugsee will collect:

  1. Console logs,
  2. Network traffic communications and,
  3. Video screenshot of what the user was doing leading up to the crash!

And here’s where the MantisHub/Bugsee magic happens! Bugsee will then automatically create an issue within your MantisHub, in the project of your choice, linking back to all the bug details in the Bugsee dashboard. So you can assign the issue and continue to track activity and progress on it within your MantisHub! And using your MantisHub project email notifications, you can let all the relevant people know as soon as the issue occurs and when it’s resolved. 


With such a high level of automation and a wealth of supporting data, your developers can get bugs fixed quicker and have more time for those fun, extra features your customers ask for :).

We’re excited to offer you this new feature and it’s been a pleasure working with our friends at Bugsee to deliver this latest integration. It’s super easy and takes just 3 easy steps!

  1. Just generate a MantisHub API token,
  2. Add the integration in your Bugsee app including your MantisHub URL and token.
  3. Then define your project for automatic issue creation. That’s it!

You can check out our KB article here on how to set up your integration.

Bugsee is ranked #1 in the top iOS crash reporting tools.  Read more about the benefits of Bugsee in their blog. They offer a free account you can try out with 3-day data retention. Test it out with your existing MantisHub service or sign up for a MantisHub free trial today!

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