MantisHub ‘Live Links’ for live updates on remote issues

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Once upon a time products were mostly built based on in-house code, but with the rise of open source and re-usable components, more and more of the work is delegated to such components.  Now, this is a good thing, since it allows developers to focus on the core problem they are solving, rather than a lot of mechanical or repetitive work.

However, occasionally issues pop up in your software due to a dependency in an external system. If for this or any other reason you need to track an issue in a remote service within your internal issue and it can become a little cumbersome. You would generally reference a link to the external service in your internal issue then updates on the status of this remote issue is manual. So you would need remember to periodically chase this up to find out if you can progress your internal issue.

So to save you such hassle MantisHub have introduced Live Links for any url references to external entities. Live Links will automatically check any links within your MantisHub issue for a supported remote service when you open up the referring issue.

Similar to MantisHub’s relationships feature, it will pull relevant information on the remote issue like current status, category, reporter and handler and display it for you within your internal issue. LivelinksSection_Final_resavedMantisHub Live links supports links to:

  • Github Issues
  • Github Pull Requests
  • Github Gists
  • MantisHub Issues
  • MantisBT Issues

This makes it easier than ever to track your upstream dependencies and work in Github and MantisBT.

Go ahead and enable Live Links in your MantisHub by following instructions found in Live Links KB article.

Just another way MantisHub is working to make life easier.

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