Email notification tweaks – your inbox will love us.



Our customer feedback was that you all wanted the option for simplified updates. We get it, sometimes we just want our emails to get to the point already :). MantisHubs latest release includes some changes to email notifications that we’ve been looking forward to telling you about.

Now with our latest release, you have further flexibility with the option for either verbose or non-verbose email notifications so you can simplify and streamline your notifications.

For those of you who don’t already know, MantisHub email notifications provide really flexible options for our users.  They can be set depending on the users access level or on a users relation to the issue. You can also turn them on or off for a variety of trigger actions, have different settings for different projects and change the settings for your individual account. Our customers have found this feature really useful for keeping everyone in the know. You can learn all about how to configure your email notifications in our KB article.

In addition to a wide range of setup options, we provide tips and plug-ins tohelp you  troubleshoot your email notifications if needed.

So what have we changed exactly?

1. Non-verbose mode – New note only updates with relevant note ID.

Previously when a note was added to an issue the full issue details were sent out according to your notification settings, now by default email notification for notes being added will only contain the new note and reference the relevant note ID. So your update will no longer include the full issue information including all previous notes.

If you’re un-impressed but this news right now because you loved how we included all the details & notes in the notification, not to worry! You can turn it back on! Whilst non-verbose notifications is the default, you can change your system or individual preferences back to verbose notifications.

2. @mention emails aren’t duplicated 

If a user receives an @mention email notification they will no longer receive  a ‘note added’ notification as well. Now  when a user is @mentioned, the system will withhold the note added email to prevent duplication.

3. Attachment information is included

When an attachment is added to an issue then this is now displayed along with the attachment file name in the notification.

We hope you enjoy these new features we’ve added for you and it perhaps makes your inbox that little bit less cluttered and confusing.


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